Do you buy?

Yes! We buy daily. All transactions are done in store so we can evaluate condition. We do not make offers over the phone, social media or internet. We look for cards valued over $10 or more. We don’t specifically buy bulk commons unless they are pre 1970. We accumulate lots of commons from buying collections

What % do you pay?

We don’t have a standard % of comps that we pay. Every deal is unique based on the cards and collection. Some cards are more desirable than others and our store needs can vary. Please keep in mind we are a business and make offers so that we can be profitable. We also typically pay cash.

How can I determine what my collection is worth?

eBay can be your best friend. You can view sold items on their platform. We often recommend looking for multiple sales of a particular card to get a feel for true market value. One sale doesn’t make a comp. Look for auctions sales compared to buy it now sales. There are also other platforms such as Card Ladder, 130 point, etc where you can do some research. We ask customers to do some homework and value your collection so we can all save time when you come into the store.

What is buying day?

We schedule buying days every few months which allows customers to bring cards in to sell. We schedule these days on Saturday and have extra staff on hand so we can service our regular business. You can bring cards anytime for us to buy. Please understand if we have limited staff, it may take longer and we have to help customers walking in our store.

Do we grade cards?

We send cards weekly to PSA, BGS and SGC. We do not grade cards in the store. Turnaround times vary by company and are not guaranteed. Keep in mind, we ask customers to give us a week to process your submission. All cards are shipped via FedEx with signature confirmation and insured.

Do you buy memorabilia?

Yes. It just depends on the item and authentication. We are pretty picky with memorabilia and only buy items authenticated by PSA, JSA or Beckett.

Do you guys break?

Yes, we always have breaks up for customers to buy. We typically offer by sport and they are randomized by person and team. We use random.org to assign names and teams. The entire process is broadcasted live and can be watched on Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. You do not have to watch live. We ship cards to you if you select the shipping option. Otherwise, cards are typically available for pick up in store the next business day.